Metro Wonderland

The center of Wonderland. It’s dirty, the machinations of the city a broken reflection of the Real World. There are nicer sections, but only the powerful have access to them. Most of the city is filled with crime, no one being completely safe. The citizens here are tough, few if any signs of kindness here. The streets shouldn’t be taken to lightly, as a wrong move will result in being added to the pile of dead that litter the city.

Crazy Eights Strip Club
Here is where the knaves gather for poker once a week. Drugs, hookers, and gambling, and strippers are all available in what looks like from the outside an upscale gentleman’s club. The corruption here is no secret.

Old Maid Night Club
The music is loud, the clothing louder. Everything competes to be noticed. If something has happened, chances are you’ll hear about it here. Flashy and shallow, it’s easy to get lost in the club and be swallowed by the desperate need to be noticed.

Shrooms and Smokes
For all your drug needs, this establishment is adorned with comfy and pillowy furniture and filled with smoke and fumes. A wise caterpillar captains this place. If you wish to try something new, here’s the place to find it. Very relaxed, the place is full of those that are drifting on the latest trip.

Royal Mansions & Homes

The residential area of Wonderland. Scarcely safer than the streets themselves, citizens come here to rest from the exhausted vigilance they keep on the outside. Private, access to the wealthier homes is hard to secure, and harder to keep.

Spades Court
The Queen of Spades has a few strongholds but her primary stronghold is a rundown mansion overrun by vagrants with graffiti all over the wall. Her room has a sex torture room beneath it and is probably the cleanest location in the entire mansion. Just because she is the queen of vagrants doesn’t mean she can’t live in class behind closed doors. In the back of this mansion there is a large empty swimming pool that is used when it’s needed similar to where her other stronghold is used. The second stronghold is used as her court.

The Queen of Spades’ court is a run down, abandoned warehouse lined with risers on all sides that they can fit with fencing between the spectators and the people on the platter. Behind a throne built of junk metal there is the Queen three hyenas which are loosed constantly on the person that happens to get on the Queens bad side. In this same location there is constantly battles for life and arena battle. It is used to entertain the Queen as she quests to release her army on reality. The court is like a mass jungle of vagrants and booing awe seers. There is no respect for those on the floor unless it is the queen herself. Those that are of the court here are often drug dealers, creators and bikers along with their delinquent crews.

The Queen herself supports the behavior of a medieval Colosseum in her abandoned warehouse. Talk about no one is going to hear you scream as you beg for mercy in her court. Most don’t listen to the screams as there are constant feeding of the queens prized hyenas.

Hearts Court
The Queen of hearts’ stronghold is in her mansion sized brothel. The place is covered with sensual silks and laces with a victorian-esque feeling. The court of the queen is in the sex dungeon of the mansion. While you ask her something you can hear the outcries of the men and women down there to get pleasured by one of the Queens many prostitutes making it very distracting and for some, very arousing as they talk to the Queen.

Clubs Court
The Queen of Clubs is the only queen that never has a set location for her court, by all means, if you are standing in one of her clubs you are in her court. She keeps each VIP room with the ability to convert into a court with walls that turn to reveal a throne in each location, each one different and extravagant single person couches made just for her.

Diamonds Court
The Diamonds stronghold is simply as fabulous as the royalty itself. They have a mansion with every amenity. Nothing is simply “normal” in the Diamonds mansion from their embellished doors and golden pathways to their diamond studded flowers. Everything glitters here. Without a grip on fashion one can’t survive in this fast paced court. Shallow, the members are always looking to outdo one another. The architecture is over the top, outrageous in appearance. Everything is slightly off kilter.

Attached to the Mansion there is a well renowned theater that any performer wants to perform in except when the Queen is on a rampage. From the hanging ropes in the rafters and trap doors on the stage this particular court is a baffling mix of beauty and disaster like any good drama should be.

As with everything in the Diamonds court their home is over the top. It is the tallest building in all of Wonderland and it is a beacon in the night for those that need a hotel or want to gamble. You can see it here.

 Eat Me, Drink Me
For guests of all kinds. The prices are outrageous, but the food fits the rumors. Rooms are scattered throughout. Only those that work there have access to all of them. The rooms are known on occasion to disappear, leaving those dining inside adrift before an employee locates them again.

Wonderland Asylum for the Criminally Sane
Expecting to escape? Still in good spirits. Mentally Sane? It’s okay, we’re here to help! The Sane Asylum is a place for those normal people that don’t know they aren’t crazy and for those people that don’t really care.

Cared for by the Spades Queen this Hospital always has the best of things, when you aren’t being interrogated for the way out.

Outside Metro Wonderland

Each kingdom of Wonderland has a lake shaped after their card suit and each one is used for different purposes.

Edcora Lake
The Diamonds lake is the clearest and cleanest of all the lakes, rumored to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is in the shape of a traditional lake and has a Diamonds resort right next to it. This lake is rumored to have beautiful mermaids in it and fish with real gems for scales.

Passion Lake
Once upon a time it was rumored that entering this lake would bring true passion into someone’s life. A series of bubbling hot springs, the lake is perfect for soaking in and relaxing. Shallow one can easily walk across the entire lake with their feet planted on the ground. Part of the lake has been transformed into a spa, complete with a mud bath and sauna for others to relax in.

Billy Club Lake
The clubs didn’t have a lake in their kingdom. Not wanting to lack their own water source they created one. It is perfect for hanging out on, water slides and other water games available out on it. An extra source of income for the Clubs, one must pay for access to this area.

Wonderment Lake
This lake is in the Spades’ kingdom. Swimming in it is the last thing someone would want to do. It is absolutely filthy, smoke curling off the top of it. Seeing the bottom is impossible, and if one could they wouldn’t wish to, being able to see the various items that have been dumped in there and the toxic creatures that live beneath.

Fascination Forest
A massive forest that claims a large stretch of Wonderland. A tangled dark wood that’s difficult to travel through, often filled with riddles and puzzles to keep the unaware traveler there. Monsters live here, always eager for a new meal-even if that meal is still alive.

Perplexity Ocean
No matter how far one sails, they always return to Metropolis. The ocean has no end no matter how far one looks, but only one location to turn to. Shimmers of life under the surface has been seen on occasion, but it isn’t always as friendly as it appears.

Conundrum Desert
Reaching new levels of hot the desert is no friendly place for someone to pass through. Those that enter come to die, though if they walk long enough they find themselves back where they started, and just as trapped. Only the occasional cactus that one would think they’ve seen before breaks the waves of sand. Illusions are common here.

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